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practical wisdom, an season of pleasant social
mingling, & act as a tonic to our social health
fulness. Life is made up of bright spots &
dark spots, the more bright spots then are inter
woven with the dark, the greater is the success of
such a life. The meeting of the Home Interest
are bright spots capable of being made still brighter,
if each member will only do his part.

Let not our light be put out or be placed under a
bushel. Readers for next time B H
Miller & Pattie R. Stabler.

Adjourned to meet 1st mo 4th 1873 at
Joseph T Morris.
E P Thomas (Gentleman)
Sec Pro Tem

26th Meeting
Jan 4th 1873

The Home Interest met at Norwood & was called
to order at 5 pm with P T Stabler as foreman
E P Thomas read the minutes of the last meeting
which H I.

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