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Avalon H/8/1880 -1-
Aug 5th
The Society met at Avalon Aug. 3rd
The Secretary being absent, Annie Brooke was
appointed to fill the place The only absent
members were those from Rock Spring, Riverside
and Norwood. As guests, there were Mrs.
Edward Stabler, Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Vedder, Eliza
Bentley, Ms. Kate Stabler, The Misses Tyson,
Miss Herris and Miss Smith.
The Specimen table was well filled
with flowers, fruits, and vegetables from Rockland
cabbages, cucumbers, beets, potatoes, sweet
and white, tomatoes, cymblings, okra carrots
peppers & apples. From Longwood, cymblings
eggplant tomatoes sweet potatoes, lima beans
corn & pears. From Olney tomatoes, corn
lima beans & cabbage. Hermon egg-plant
& sweet potatoes. From Brooke Grove, corse
lima beans, crab apples & grapes and
our guests from Harewood brought grapes
There were flowers from Falling Greene Sharon
Brooke Grove Longwood, Rockland, Fulford
Olney & Hermon.
After the reading of the minutes
Sarah B. Largnhar, the first-reader, read
an article on hugs. Mary Mrs. Miller, the
second reader being not prepared, was
appointed with H. B. Brooke to read at our
next meeting.

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