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H/4/1880 -5-

7 Have many tried raising onions from the seed?
instead of setts? Yes, but the most success
ful member has abandoned the plan
It is a very good way to raise them
and much less expensive than setts

8 What Strawberry beside the ”Wilson” would
plant in a new bed? The ”Sharpless”
9 If you do not want climbing roses
to grow tall will it do to cut them
back and keep them bushy? They
do not bloom well so treated
10 Is there any blackberry better than
The Kittatinny? No
11 What is the best early corn? Knickerbocker’s
”Surprise” And Minnesota
12 What the earliest pea? Landrect’s
Extra Early and a kind from Canada
13 How much gardening has been
Done? Three members had planted
peas 2 had planted beets 3 onions
I had set out a new Asparagus
bed and several have made
their hot beds
14 What is thought of a new plan
for raising grape vines by planting
cuttings 4 or 5 feet long
in a hole a foot deep and
leaving only 2 buds above ground
R.R. Moore thinks it will do, as
each eye below the surface will
make roots and it will probably do
as is claimed for it, make a vigorous

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