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Making a sum total of 831 while
the record of a year ago gives a total of

It was next decided that the Sec.
should notice the noon temperature of
the day of Horticultural meeting; on
that day it was 51°.

Annie Brooke of Brooke Grove
then read an article on ”Training tomatoes
The other reader, Mrs. Warwick Miller,
brought an article on raising Heliotropes
which she persuaded the Sec. to read for her
It may be found in the April ”American
Farmer” The best plants are ”Lizzie Cook”
a dark variety and ”Snow Wreath” light.
Our attention was next drawn to a
method of keeping hanging baskets in
winter. The method of grafting grapes
on cacti next brought up. none knew
anything decided on this point.


1 Is it a good plan to bank earth
around peach trees in summers
to keep out worms? It will not
keep worms away but makes them
more get-at-able
2 Can you graft many colors on
one Geranium? Nothing known.
Mrs. Dr. Magruder will try and
3 Shall tomatoes be trained? Mem
-bers equally divided, pro. and con.

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