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H/6/1881 -2-

plea of lack of time. Hannah Stabler and
Henry Miller appointed to read at the next
Questions next in order
1 What is the cause & what the remedy
for the death of currant bushes? Cause
not known try leaving only 3 stalks of
each years growth

2 What to do with Rose bushes that are
infested with slugs? Lime, Helebore
and Phenyle all advised

3 Are "Sharpless" or "Monarch of the West"
Strawberries best? "Sharpless" best for
runners and taste, "Monarch of the West"
the best bearers.

4 How to propagate peonies? Divide
the roots; it partakes greater of the
nature of Horseradish.

5 What is the remedy for rust on black
-berries? Many answers given, but most
said cut out and burn or lime or
cut back severely or try sulphur.

6 What to do with grapevines? Answers
various, pinch back, let alone, one
method explained as follows; Train
on a long wire, pinch down to the
main stem, which will bear the fruit,
it will be very abundant; another ad
-vised to cut off at the 2nd joint from
bloom or fruit.

7 Is it too late to plant late peas? No.
8 Has anyone tried Incunda Straw

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