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H/6/1882 -2-

V Has anyone ever destroyed chick weed?
Pull up continually, & try the
weeding fork recommended by
several members.

VI How should a Bouvarida be treated
in summer to make it bloom in winter?
Cut back & keep in a shady place.

VII How keep Cycleman bulbs?
Keep in a flower pot, cover with earth
and water once a week.

VIII What causes mildew on roses?
Answer not satisfactory

IX How use London Purple?
Several have used it to their sorrow

X A remedy wanted for scales on legs
of fowls?
Kerosene in water recommended

XI What is the best climbing rose for
pillar of porch?
The Douglas climax 10 votes
Woodland Margaret." Gloire de Dijon"
Augusta" "Micropylla" Grevilo"
Noisette Washington" and others all
admirable for the purpose

XII Should a strawberry bed planted
early in the spring be allowed to
bear the first year? Yes.

Eliza Bentley, who was appointed
to inquire how the night blooming
Cercus should be managed, reported
that a sunny window is a suitable
place, & a hot house not requisite.

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