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"dig before they are injured by spot
and after they have become dry
pack in sand or chaff in such
a way that the potatoes do
not touch each other: those he had
in chaff kept perfectly in the cellar.

She ends her report with, "Above
all things plow your gardens in
the fall." The plan of [willing?sp] these
suggestions was highly approved.

1 How fix a cold frame for lettuce?
Make a rich bed and cover with
sash of glass or cotton.
2 If you plant fruit trees in the fall
what time is best. Now and as
long as the ground stays open.
3 Do grape vines planted in the spring
need any attention now? No.
4 How much should a grape vine be
cut back? To three eyes or buds
5 Should late Kale and spinach
be covered? Yes cover lightly with
straw and loosen it early in the spring
6 In building a henhouse is it necessary
to have glass windows?
Some say the more glass the better

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