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H/5/1897 -1-
May 4th 1897 noon 61o
The Horticultural , upon this occasion
had the rare experience of seeing all present
within four walls. The tastefully decorated
schoolroom formed an ideal place
of meeting and some expressed their
enthusiasm that it be used as permanent
headquarters and that we assemble at Rockland
every month. The Society as a body was
in such a suggestion mood that they
had strayed into some other orgainization
so much more complicated than usual
were the duties which devolved upon
them. The first features of the program
were the familiar ones of Poultry reports
and reading.
Alloway 120 chickens
Avalon 70 chickens
Brook Grove 260 chickens
Cloverley 75 chickens
Edgewood 93 chickens
Fair Hill 529 chickens
Falling Green 240 chickens

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