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H/5/1897 -3-
and millet was recommeded for
the first six weeks, after which wheat
cracked corn and kitchen scraps
were allowed. The member who has
most chickens feeds corn bread in
the morning and grain later in the day
Two volunteer articles added to the
interest of this part of our proceedings
Mr Davis a recommedation of rose
combed brown leghorns crossed with
Golden Wyandottes as the best breed of
chickens. L. H. Nesbitt read a description
of the floral clock which is to
adorn the home of the Rockafelters
near Tarrytown. Most of the flowers used
will be those which grow wild in that
locality. The article states there are sixty-seven
varities of flowers that have certain
hours for opening and closing their petals.

The suggestions of Eliza Brooke concerning
the work of the coming month
were practical, as on various former
occasions and the contribution of
a blank sheet of paper as the report
of Charles H. Brooke, the new member
of the committee was equally characteristic

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