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H/5/1897 -5-
Catherine Janney, chairman of the
committee on Horticultural Exhibition
reported that the recommended
holding one in place of the regular
October meeting; that the old
arrangements be followed as nearly
as practicable, and that Roger B. Farquhar
and John C. Bentley take
charge of all the details connected
with it.

Robert H. Miller gave an interesting
object lesson on the protection of
melons and like vines, with thin
plant cloth placed over wire wickets

It was suggested that tin plates
put upon a line will frighten
hawks and crows. Fluttering white
rags around a chicken yard were
recommeded. Also, having a crow
shut in a fattening coop all summer
and turning it out in the fall to warn
off like intruders

1 How much were trees injured by the
storm? There is a diversity of opinion
some think the apparent damage is
all there is, while others believe there

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