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H/5/`897 -6-
is more than is visible.

2 Would it be advisable to add Paris Green
to Bordeaux mixture for spraying
plums and Quinces? Yes

3 Should helebore be put on currant if
no worm is seen? No.

4 Can apricot suckers which are large
enough to have fruit on them, be cut
off now? Most members would not leave
them any longer.

5 A willow tree from which the top has
been broken has put out two branches,
should both be left? Yes, for the present

6 Why have currant bushes turned yellow?
Probably the borer. The top should be
cut off and burnt

7 What should be done for the strawberry
weavil? The Experiment Station
has found no effective remedy as yet.

8 Should roses be sprayed before slugs
appear? The more progressive members
think they should

9 Will roses which have been killed to
the ground bloom this year?
Most varieties will.

The specimens
The Cedars, flowers and tomato plant
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Page 181 has some additional transcription at the bottom of 182. I noted it on both pages but was unable to copy and paste.

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