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H/5/1897 -7-
The dampness prevented many from
going to the garden but those who did
were more than repaid by the sight
of the rose bushes which were exceptionally
fine. Roses everywhere have wintered
well, but those at Rockland looked
remarkably vigorous. The vegetable
garden was found to be an excellent
one. A liberal planting of fruit trees
had been made recently and the
vacancies caused by the storm
had been filled with quick growing
shade trees.

After supper we separated with
the expectation of meeting at Rock
Spring in June

x[the following was transcibed on previous page]
in bloom.
Riverton - flowers, rhubarb, onions, potatoes
and beans
Longwood flowers, potatoes radishes
and onions.
Avalon flower, rhubarb and asparagus
Falling Green, beans, bush and Lima
onions, peas, beets and potato frozen
in the ground and came up since
Fair Hill, flowers.

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