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H/6/1897 -2-
Hermon 260 chickens 6 turkies
Hillcrest 90 chickens
Riverton 50 chickens 7 turkies
Rockland 100 chickens
Rock Spring 200 chickens 8 gos. 16 turkies 12 ducks
Tanglewood 150 chickens
Woodburn 244 chickens 11 gos. 32 turkies 173 ducks
Total 2598 chickens 177 turkies
191 ducks 19 goslings in the
fourteen families reporting

C. M. Farquhar read two articles on health
the first advocating deep breathing and the
second condemning too much shade on the
roof of a house. H. H. Davis read a symposium
upon watering plants, the weight of
which appeared to be against doing so
with the sun shining on them unless they
were in dire need of moisture at the roots
R. B. Farquhar directed our attention to a
theory that seeles squashes and melons
might be procuced by putting earth
upon the vine. No one saw any reason
for expecting the result from the means
but he was asked to experiment and
report. Dr. Kirk contributed an article
recommeding placing boquet in

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