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H/6/1897 -3-
vases of soap suds and each morning
putting them into fresh water for a few moments
after which, returninng them to the soap
suds, changing it every third day. It
was claimed that a bouquet so treated
would retain its freshness a month.
An account of the contest going on between
the Gypsy Moth and the Commonwealth
of Massachusetts added by the
general government, was then read by Dr.
Kirk from which it appeared that the
Monroe doctrine had been defied by a
foreign power more difficult to briing to
terms than any with which the State Department
has had a deal.
After the Forethought, John C. Bentley
reported for the committee on By-laws
and its work had been so will done
that although various amendments were
suggested, none were adopted. For By-laws
see back of this volume

The committee on Horticultural suppers
recommended simplicity and its members
pledged themselves to aid in
the attainment of that end by example
as well as precept.

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