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This has been a season of ex-
tremes, - very hot and dry in July
and August. September broke
all monthly records for rain fall,
17.45 inches; the heaviest pre-
cipitation for any one month since
the establishment of the U.S. Weather

A fairly good wheat crop; -
a heavy hay yield, - corn promising,
the potato crop not good, - fruit practically
a failure, - no peaches, - poor apple
crop; - but the farmer, the greatest
optimist we know, - turns his
thoughts to next year. In spite
of some crop failues, - the effects
of the "New Deal" for weal or woe,
the planning and foundation for
the year on a farm goes on.

The President of the Society told
the members that the April 1935
meeting would be the time for
Election of Officers.

Adjourned to meet at "Tanglewood"
with Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Thomas,
Tuesday, April 2nd/'35.

Mary Mathews Nichols

Copy by H. J. W.

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