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Ethel Thomas, a guest, read a volunteer article
on fragrant trees and shrubs, which reminded us of the
delightful scents we get from honey locust, magnolias,
bushhoneysuckles, lilacs, mock orange, sweet shrub,
the smoke tree, sweet briar roses, and many others,
such as perrenial heliotrope, lemon verbenna, day
lillies, nicetiana (annual); the new roses are not
as fragrant as the older ones.

Another volunteer article reminded us of the
great peace that can be enjoyed in summer, if you
will only let yourself. Your secretary believes that
it was Francis Thomas who suggested that may en the joy of ,
sitting under a tree, of watching a boat in the distance,
of listening to the lap lap of water, listenning to the
joyous cries of children voices of children. This is
good medicine for a day or so, or a week or so, but
it is important to change your attitude and get a sense
of values to really enjoy these things. Then one's own
backyard can produce the same effect as a vacation
in a distant place. But he reminded us it is not
easy to take a vacation at home when you do all these
things you do not have to do on top of all the
things you think you have to do.

Douglas gave us his weather report for Jube June
The highest tempteraturewas 93 June 30; 1 year ago it
was 92, in 1960 88; He told us that the world is
getting warmer; average high was 81, last year 80.
Total rainfall was 2 3/4 inches; the average rainfull
is 5 inches. In June 1963 we had 8.39 inches of rain
in 1962 4.8 inches, in 1930 3.7 inches; 1960 was bad
but this year is worse. Mr. Iddings commented that
it was so dry that even wineberries were dying.
Helen Farquhar reported that the holihocks were
not blooming. The lack of rain seemed not to have
affected Jack and Helen's peas; they had shelled 6 3/4 ga
gallons of peas

Grace read a [?] of exhibits which considering it drouth
were surprising in number.

Birds: Jack saw 20 baby quails, led by the
parent; Marryy Redding saw a squirrel chasing a

Under unfinished business it was moved seconded and
passed that the Secretary cast a unanimous vote
electing Dale and Allan Thomas to membership.
Jack reported that Sylvia +Dick Woodward would like to
come back into Horticulture. It was suggested
that he go over our quotea if necessary to have them

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