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Rejoin us next year. Special reference was made to
her contribution as secretary and also to her
interesting forethoughts.

Mary Redding gave us some information on the
experiences which Beth and her husband are having in
Ghana. They are on a 3 months assignment. They
are at Adeoma[?], near the capital. It is very flat
there but they have had trips up in the hills when
visiting the other hospital. Reference was made to
an article in the July Reader's Digest on Ghana.
The president is a communist; no imports are allowed.
Things therefore are very scarce; For example tires
are unavailable. The hospital pump broke down, no
pump was immediatley available; hospital was closed
for 3 weeks. Fruits are good but flour and coffee
are scarce.

QUESTIONS: Helen Farquhar announced that she
would have no questions until it rained. Ethel Thomas
asked what was wrong with a gardenia that dropped
its flower buds. We really gave no help on this.
It needs water but not too much.

Douglas Farquhar wanted to know if he should mulch
his tomatoes; they are small; he has manure. Jack
said put it on and water. Helen Bentley said thay
had large vines, did not water, used hay as mulch.

Grace Thomas asked if a gum tree may be transplanted.
Yes if sweet gum. Discussion of gums brought out
that Douglas has the largest gum tree known.

Harry Goff wanted to increase his columbine
plantings. Pete suggested he pick off seeds when they
open; put in sack and plant in August. should bloom
next year. Clive said they would not come true
if they were cross polonized. Edward Iddings solved
this once; he had just one plant and it came true.

As to when go plant daffodil bulbs, plant
immediately on digging, excdpt in severe dry weather.

Lucy Manning was told not to cut lily stalks until
they are brown.

Mary Moore Miller reported clover was taking over her
lawn. This is due to dry weather.

Dorothy Weske asked what to do with wine berries.
Eat them. Make Jelly. Delicious when black red.
Pick earlier for jelly. Edward Iddings said
he may have been the person who introduced wine
berries in Sandy Spring he bought one as a boy.
Now they are everywhere. The mannings after enjoying
the box which the Bentleys brought them think

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