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April 2, 1991, Eastlawn, page 3

and said he would continue if he had another person helping.
Ellen Hartge volunteered. A motion was made to support in
principle a 6 - 9 dollar per person levee which would finance
the process. The motion passed and Mo and Ellen will attend
an upcoming meeting with Mary Rice and a representative of
Octo, the microfilming company.


Sally Eller asked about beavers in the area. Some reported
in the Hollings River, also in a stream near Goshen &
Snouffer School Road.

How does one keep deer off plants. Tom Canby has a pepper
spray that works. Also recommended was spraying with an egg
yolk or deodorant soap solution or surrounding the afflicted
area with human hair or electric deer fence. Can one make
their own hot spray? Yes.

Ari Preuss wants to know when the best time to plant grapes.
In West Virginia, now.

Harold Earp wanted to know if Wilt Pruff is a good fungicide
for roses. No opinion from the group arose.

Sherry Fletcher has a Montmorency cherry whose fruit has
worms. Recommended to spray dormancy spray at the
appropriate time.

Nancy Chance asked Sally Eller where she grew her
watercress. In the stream below their house. Plants came
from packet of seeds which were tossed along the streamside.

Buzz Hussman wished to know about Crotallaria - what is it,
what does it look like, and where does it grow. Said to be
toxic. Other details absent.

Lydia Haviland closed the questioning with the observation
the she hadn't seen one blue jay all winter. Other comments
were that there seemed to be fewer jays about but the loud
colorful clowns were not in total absence.

The hour was late and night was chilly outside. We thanked
our hosts for their hospitality. We commended them for the
bravery displayed by inviting us over when all but the few
stellar gardeners have grand visions but are otherwise ill-suited
to host such an august gathering. We agreed to meet
next at Iris, home of the Hanels, and would expect Nancy
to be the assigned reader.

Humbly submitted,

Peter Austin


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