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May 7, 1991, Iris, page 2

years old - some will get to be 150 years. Once pollinated the plant gives
off 60,000 seeds per plant then dies.

The Old Minutes were read and followed by an account from Bill Hartge about
his experience watching a sea turtle lay her eggs on a beach in Culebra. He
was part of a conversation group that monitors such turtle actibity and one
night was called to witness an 800 lb. matron dig a 14 inch deep hole and
lay 81 eggs. She then covered the clutvh up and retreat back to the briny
deep. The last time we heard a personal report from Bill was when he and
Bettes survived Huricane Hugo when there might have been turtles hurtling
through the air rather than peacefully laying eggs to the awed attention of
their human observers.

Harold Earp followed with the forethought. The meeting was running a little
late so he paraphrased to plant, prune, weed, and water everything, all the

John Hartge followed with the Meteorologist Report. April was a dry month
leaving us with less than 1/2 of what we had during April of last year (1.4 "
in 1991, 3.2 " in 1990). The average low was 41.5 degrees and the average
high was 65.6. The last frost was on the 22 and the last hard frost was on
the 4th. Highest wind gust was 31 mpg on the 10.

The Bird Report mentioned that the purple martins arrived in Laytonville the
week earlier.

The Committee on Microfilming announced progress in finding and organizing
old minutes. Mo has agreed to continue championing the effort but needs
help numbering pages prior to filming. Ellen Hartge volunteered. A fellow
group, the Neighbors has artwork for the front of the proposed microfilmed


Susan Canby planted daylillies last year but no blooms are in evidence.
Suggested that either too much manure was applied or they were planted too

Ted Fletcher brought in an odd oblong burred object which appeared more
plantlike than mineral or vegetable. No one could identify it. Asked to
report back and advised to keep it in a room separate from sleeping quarters.

The hour was late and the meeting was going at a fast clip. However, the
Questions were interrupted to accommodate the Bee Report. Bees deemed in
good shape and back to questions.

John Hartge asked if anyone has had any information on the Mantis brand of
power cultivators. No opinions volunteered so John was asked to report back.

Nancy Chance asked about the tubes used in tree cultivation and seen on
route 144 opposite the Howard Country Fairgrounds entrance. Supposedly
protects young trees from frost, deer, mice, and rabbits.

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