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50 (Mt. Airy, con.)
8 children in number seemed to demand such
immediate action, M. E. Gilpin called a mtg
of the old, tried and true. "Benevolent Aid" at her
home in the following 2nd day.

Ellen Farquhar gave the views of a Christian
Japanese upon the limitations in effort to force
Orientals to accept spiritual reform by destroying
old customs and religions. The writer, Mr. Uchimura,
concludes that "American Missionary
works abroad are a failure", and say "Americans
who lack piety do not know how to approach the
minds of heathens. Orientals believe in future
life, while Americans care only for this world. They
do not understand that all religions are sacred,
although they profess liberty loudly they are
great tyrants in religion."

Fanny B. Snowden sprung some remarkable
Kansas statistics upon us. The state had 325
millions of agricultural products last year. 38
County Poor Houses are empty, and the jails
of 53 counties had not a single inmate!
The manufacture and sale of spirituous liquors
are absolutely prohibited and 98 percent
of her school children have never seen a saloon.

Kansas people are the richest per capita in the world.

M E. Gilpin's Clipping assured us that were
there no impatient people to be patient with the
world would be dull and we should all become
enervated spiritually.

Mr. Baynes read of a hold-up in the far west
on a lonely mountain road, the highwayman ordered the
driever of a stage to "Kick out the mailbags and the
Wells Fargo Exp box" which was promptly done, and the
one passenger, an Eastern "School ma'am" innocently
remarked she had never seen a Post Office in
such wild surroundings before.

Va. Steer's article was a plea for universal efforts
toward a higher moral tone. Earnest men and
women are laboring to accomplish this end and to
make lasting peace, and there is not one of
us who may not have a share in the work.

Hannah B. Stabler brought a gentle reminder
from that well-beloved Boston Minister Phillips
Brooks of tender memort, -"Whar a vast pro-

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