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(Mt. Airy, con.). 51
Pen-y-Bryn 2-5-1914

portion of our lives is spent in anxious and useless
forebodings concerning the future – either our own
or those of our dear ones. Present joys, present blessing
slip by and we miss half their flavor, and
all for want of faith in Him who provides for
the tiniest insect in the sunbeam”. Phillips Brooks.

The Sec’y read most of the last chapter of
Chas. Dudley Warner’s “My Summer in a Garden”
which little book in merry guise, often has
both wit and wisdom charmingly mingled on
every page. Adjourned to the home of Estelle T. Moore,
12-5-1913. Mary Bentley Thomas, Sec’y.

Pen-y-Bryn. 2-5-1914

Owing to the long illness, and death of
John C. Bentley, near and dear to all S.S., apparently
every society on our neighborhood has omitted
one or more mtgs., not only as a token of respect
but because the loss was so overwhelming time
was needed to heal the wound.

Out last session was held 11-9-1913 with Sarah
T. Miller, and on 2/5/14 we convened at the home
of Estelle T. Moore and daughters. Guests were Mrs.
Wilson of Cecil Co., Mary Scott, Margaret C. Bancroft, Helen
R. Shoemaker, Annie M. Chandlee, Rebecca T. Miller,
Eliz. and Margaret Bond, Miss Covington, and Emma
Bond. Before commencing our usual business
we accepted, with regret, the resignation of Helen R.
Stabler and elected Edith Hallowell in her stead.

Owing to the fact that some of our members
are absent from S. S. the whole of every winter,
and that in the past 17 years there have only been
about 2 mtgs. well all attended, the subject of increasing
our roll to 25 names was discussed a
little, and a resolution to that effect moved
by Fanny B. Snowden, and seconded by M. G. T.
Moore, referred to the next session.

Estelle T. Moore presented a few proposed
changes in the constitution of our Co. Fed., to reduce
the representation somewhat, and also to condense reporting,
or rather make one general report, instead of so many

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