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Virginia Steer, con. 183
Belmont -6-29-1916

turn in peace to the great mother who nourished
then and our spirits may round the circle of a
perfect life in Thee.”

Adjourned to Belmont on 6-29-1916 -.
Mary Bentley Thomas, Sec’y.

Belmont – 6-29-1916

The Asso. met at Belmont the beautiful
home of Mrs. Edward Thomas, June 29th, 1916.

It was a perfect June day, and we had a full
attendance of members, with a number of guests; among
them being our old member Mrs. Mary Colt: - Mrs.
Mills, Mrs. Rich’d Bentley, Mrs. B. D. Canby and her
daughter Mrs. B. J. Canby, and Miss Allen.

Our hostess’ sentiment was, “Industry is
neither religion nor morality; yet it is akin to both,
as there is nothing more incompatible with true
virtue than idleness.”

Mrs. Thomas read us a very interesting piece
written by Dr. Francis Thomas in 1908 for a mtg.
of “The Home Interest”, called “The Cradle of S.S. Lyceum”,
which took a number of our members back to
the days of their youth, and was enjoyed by all.

Mrs. Moore had a “Charming Journey” to
read about, in a houseboat on the James River
in Virginia. The interesting trip began at
Jamestown Island, where excavations are bringing
to view the brick foundations of many of
the old houses. Only a few ruins are left of
Capt. John Smith’s village, where Pocahontas and
James Rolfe were married. On up the Colonial
Water Way they visited the old mansions.

At “Brandon” the Harrisons still live, and guard
the secret-panel room, and the little gold
ring, which for many generations has hung
from the chandelier in the drawing room.

They visited “Westover” the home of Evelyn Byrd
“The Fair Maid of the James”, the most romantic
girls’ figure in Colonial history. “Weyanoke” and
“Shirley” also gave their tales of romance to the travelers.

Miss. Chandlee told us that
Sir. Jas. Simpson an American, was the discover of
Chloroform and the first to use it successfully. She
also said that, “Independence is a valuable possession
if not over-done”. Estelle Moore had

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