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846th Meeting.

After a delicious luncheon, The Association took time
for a social chat before being called to order by the Chairman
Mrs. Nichols.

The Minutes of last meeting at this place were read, also
last minutes approved after correction.

Treasurer, Mary Tilton, reported balance of $2.15 to Jan.
1st, '28. $10.50 is still due Social Service to Jan. 1st, 1928.
Mary Tilton wanted to know if Associate Members pay dues? After
some disussion a motion was made that all Associate members pay
as full members. Carried.

Next place of meeting "The Highlands."

Our Hostess' sentiment "The Wayside Cross"

"A wayside cross at set of day
Unto my spirit thus did say -

'O soul, my branching arms you see
Point four ways to infinity.

'One points to infinite above,
To show the height of heavenly love

"Two point to infinite width, which shows
That heavenly love no limit knows.

'One points to infinite beneath,
To show God's love is under death.

'The four arms join, an emblem sweet
That in God's heart all loves will meet.'

I thanked the cross as I turned away
For such sweet thoughts in the twilight grey."

By Frederick George Scott.

and a little poem by Milne "The Beetle" were both enjoyed.

Stella Moore "How Can We Keep Christmas"? from General
Federation News. All customs, presents, family gatherings, etc,
only a symbol of the Peace on Earth Spirit. Her article from
N.Y. Times on unsightly bill-boards on the road-sides eas exceedingly
worth while, and it is encouraging to hear that so many big
organizations promise to give up unsightly bill-boards in the

Helen Hallowell, an article from"American Club Woman" on

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