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the unnecessary waste in the cutting of Christmas Tress. Hundreds
are burned each year. The living Christmas tree is becoming quits a custon
in many places.

Mary Reading Nichols a most amusing and true to life
reading, telling of a colored cook of the old days who gives her
experience during a visit "up North" where she found being called
"Mrs." and being asked to "sit at table: with the "Gineral"
and the "Madam" not all to her liking.

Margaret Bancroft feels very strongly on the subject of
Immigration - its limitation - the necssity for great care and
watchfulness etc.,

Mary Tilton spoke of the good effect on Mexico caused by
Lindberg's and Will Roger's visits, and Ambassador Morrow's tact.

Elise Hutton's article gave as a definition of Winter
Sports - Thawing out one's car - cleaning sidewalks after a blizzard
etc. "Hunt the Arctic" is a winter sport in which the
whole famly may take part.

Fannie B. Snowden read "My Religion" - What it means to
me - by Ida Tarbell. Also amusing facts about bathtubs - the first
of which to be installed in the United States was in 1842.

Margaret G. T. Moore's clipping declared if you take conceit
out of some men nothing remains.

Hallie Bentey's "Old Time Negro" who was bitterly disappointed
not to see his "old Master" in a collection of "Old
Masters" on exhibition was pathetic, as well as amusing.

E.T. Stabler read a New Year article, also one giving
good advice on keeping young.

Mrs. Allan Farquhar's description of the new wing to
the Corcoran Art Gallery to house the Senator Clark collection
was enjoyed. The collection is very valuable, and the widow and
three daughters of Mr. Clark are giving the building as a memorial
to him.

A guest, Miss McElroy, expressed her pleasure with meeting
with The Association - but had no article.

Marianna S. Miller continued the reading of the old
minutes - giving us those of 9/2/'69, "Fulford"' 9/30/'69 at
"Lea's Mills," and 11/11/'69 at "Fair Hill".

Rose Gilpin asked for our idea of the Pioneer Woman, and
said the heroic statue to be erected is to be from design by an

Mrs. Massey had several numerous articles - Mark Twain,
on Bathtubs, - "little sister is sitting on the fly-paper so
flies cant get on" etc. She was told "Rozina" can get a small

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