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stove from the Social Service League.

Mary Hutton's little boy who saw things at night that were
the kind "girls are skared of - but I ain't" but "Color ain't
no difference when you'r seeing things at night." She also read
"The Banjo".

Corrie Brooks read from John Martin that "Dark is good to
Children everywhere" . She thinks we treated Japanese wrongly in
excluding them from United States.

Marianna S. Miller wants to know if Alice Maynard has
shop in Washington now? No answer.

E. T. Moore wants to know why the colored school children
are not allowed to be taken to Rockville by bus? Told to ask
Mr. Broome.

Reports of Comittees.
Mary Nichols no report on Education
Helen Hallowell no report on American Home.
Mary Tilton reported on Social Service - had a letter
from Miss Irma Mohr thanking for the help given at Chrismas.

Mrs. Jones sent word action should be taken for or against
passing of Capper-Ketcham bill to appropriate more Federal Funds
for Extension work of the Department of Agriculture. All such
funds shall be subject to the same conditions and limitations of
the Smith-Lever Act of May 1914, except that at least 80% shall
be utilized for salaries of men and women extension agents in equitable
proportion in the several counties of the different States.
Maryland now received $46,287.11 of Federal Funds for this work.
Action should be taken for or against this measure, M.E.S.Jones,
Chairman. Moved we vote for bill. Carried.

State Federation
Association ased to help raise funds to elect Mrs. Sippel
Moved we donate $5.00. Passed. Marianna Miller will inform Mrs.
Bride who write her on the subject.

Secretary was asked to read letter of resignation from
Sarah J. Adams - Accepted with regrets.

Mrs. Weld being next on waiting list becomes a member.
Secretary asked to inform Mrs. Weld.

At Mrs. Bancroft's request Margaret Jones was made an
Associate Member.

Adjourned to "Highlands".
(signed) Helen R. Shoemaker,
Sec'y Pro Tem.

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