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"The Highlands".
847th Meeting

The 847th Meeting of the Mutual Improvement Association
was called to order by Estelle T. Moore at Highlands, 2/2/
1928 at two oclock in the afternoon.

The minutes of the last meeting at this place were read.
and the minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted.

The Treasurer's Report showed
Balance on hand from last report $13.40
Dues paid (5 members) 7.50
Total receipts $20.90
Paid to Mrs. Sippel's Campaign
Fund. 5.00
Balance on hand $15.90

Collected on Social League Pledge $15.50
Balances of 1927 Pledge 15.00
Cash on hand .50

The next place of meeting is Ercildoun with Alice Farquhar
at the regular time in March.

Sentiment of our Hostess -- Marianna Miller - was a message
on the Gospel of Cheerfulness. "Don't let the song go out of
you life" - a beautiful poem.

Contributions of members and guests.

Anna Nesbitt read a very interesting article on the
Borneo Jungle. The wild animals are not so bad as the ants,
mosquitoes, snakes and other small things. "Man will never conquer
the jungle as the jungle always conquers man".

Helen Moore - Life's Opportunity - At every stage of life
we look forward to the next - soul or character, is what we get.

Alice Farquhar - Lady Astor on Peace - She feels that where
men have failed women will succeed. Countries, like human beings,
disagree - some way, other than war, must be devised to settle
these disagreements.

Marianna Miller announced that Miss Ormsby - who is in
Maryland for the month of February, will talk on prevention of
war at the Lyceum on February 19th.

Anna Nesbitt asked should the Association take any steps
protesting against additional armaments? She made a motion, seconded
by Margaret Moore, that Secretary write to our Senators and
Representatives protesting such increase. Motion carried.

Gladys Tumbleson's contribution bewailed the fact that
we are so "full of care" we have time but to "stare and stare"
and thus miss the beauties in life.

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