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2) She reported having sent the article telling
of the Association - to the Chairman of
press and publicity - Mrs. Hoadley -

Alice Stabler - a guest of the house - had
no contribution -

Mary Magruder gave extracts from an article
in silhouettes - the first one of which may
have been in the Garden of Eden.
Question - How eliminate marks on furniture
caused by water stains - Scrape and
start again - Lemon and sweet - oil -
O Cedar Polish - Use varnish remover and
then re-finish.

Rebecca Miller's article brought out the vast
army of workers needed to take care of
the linen in the Pullman cars and
dining cars.

Annie Kirk told of some of the interesting
things she found on her trip aboard -
especially in Palestine where the cold
was particularly disagreeable.
She was advised to call up the Farm
Bureau office for advice on the bean-beetle -

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