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3) a Mexican pest which is causing much
havoc among the beans.

Alice Tyson and Miss Day were both without
selections -

Margaret Moores description of the Red Caps
showed how honest and trustworthy these
porters are.

Miss Wilson from the Hineman School, told
of some of the conditions with which she works.

Mary Nichols told that after six years of
patient waiting her Wisteria has bloomed.

Mary Gilpin had nothing to give - but her
presence with us was worth a great deal.

Helen Moore read of a trusted employe of a
department store - Mr Kramer -

Helen Lea - read of the developement of the
5 and 10 cent store - originated by F.W.
Woolworth - in Lancaster, Pa. in 1879. (1879)

Fanny Iddings delighted the assembly with
another old letter, written to her mother
in 1835 -

Alice Farquhar - The American Debut of
George Bernard Shaw who came to
America by the talking movies.

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