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Estelle Moore asked for advice in
improving the earth in her flower
garden when stable manure can
not be secured - wood ashes and
chicken manure are recommended -
also a compost heap such as florists
have - decayed sod, soap suds etc.

Mariana Miller read from the old
minute book of meetings at Sunset,
Alloway and Sherwood in 1871-72.

Annie Miller asked if others are also
troubled with a blight in their
calendulas - yes - suggested that they
be pulled up and buried -

Mary Miller had nothing

Mary Hutton read of a town desolated by
a myserious malady called milk sickness
probably caused by the cows eating white
snake root.

Sarah Kirk, Ethel Adams, Mary Reading
, Lena Weld and Nannie Reese
were all without contributions.

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