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Report of Special Committee on Revision of Constitution and By-Laws.
The Special Committee appointed to consider revision of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Community Council of Sandy Spring submits the following report:
During the past few years there has been evidence of a declining interest in the work of the Council. Attendance at meetings has not been satisfactory, and reports of Council activities made by members to their respective organizations have been received with growing indifference.
It is not in order for this Committee to present an argument for or against the continuation of the Council as a factor in the life of the Community. We believe it has served a useful purpose and that it will prove of still greater value as our rapidly growing population brings us face to face with new problems.
When the Council first came into existence we were definitely a rural Community. Today there is every prsoepct of our being confronted with the complicated problems of suburban life in the near future.
What can be done to put the Council into better shape to serve us under these new conditions:
Our present constitution provides for a purely representative, highly democratic body, without the power to act on its own initiative, except in an emergency.
Matters referred to it by any of its constituent organzations and questions raised within the Council itself are discussed in open meeting and are usually referred to a committee for investigation and report. If the report of the Committee is accepted any proposed action contained therein must be referred back to the constituent organizations for consideration, and the approval of a majority of them must be obtained before action can be taken by the Council. As a result there is frequently a delay of two or three months before any step looking toward results can be taken.
Very frequently, only two or three of the member organizations take any action whatever on the matters referred to them.
It has been our aim in formulating the suggestions that follow to simplify the election procedure to be used by the member organizations in choosing their representative and to speed up and make more effective the work of the Council by eliminating the present referendum system.
Suggested Amendments.
1. Art. 1, Sec. 4 now reads as follows: "The members representing the affiliated organizations shall be elected annually by their respective organizations for the term of one year and shall be ineligible for re-election until one year has elapsed from the completion of their previous term of office."
Your committee suggests as a substitute for this Section, the following:
"The Delegate and the Alternate representing the affiliated organizations shall be elected annually in the month of March by their respective organizations and shall take office at the annual meeting in April."
2. Art. 1, Sec. 4A now reads as follows: "three members at large of the Council shall be elected each year to serve for a term of three years and no members at large who shall have served a term of three years shall be eligible for re-election to the Council as Members at Large until one year has elapsed."
Your Committee suggests as a substitute for this Section the following: "Three members at large of the Council shall be elected at the annual meet-ing in April of each year, by the members of the Council, and shall be elected for a term of three years."
3. Art. 1, Sec. 5 now reads as follows: "A meeting of the Council in con-

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