Meeting Minutes: Community Council of Sandy Spring Neighborhood, 1941


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Report of the Meeting of the Community Council of the Sandy Spring Neighborhood Held Jan. 31, 1941 The President called the meeting to order and the Secretary read the minutes of the December Meeting. He then read the correspondence. The resignation of Mr. MacReynolds being tabled. It was moved, seconded and carried that the Secretary write each delinquent member reminding them of their failure to attend and if possible find out the reasons for this failure. The Utilities Committee was asked to study the rates of the two companies supplying this neighborhood with electricity and also to investigate the telephone rates to see if there is a chance of their being lowered. The Legislative Committee was asked to study the proposed anti-fireworks bill now before the legislature. It was reported that Dr. Ellicotts nursing program is expanding and the Committee on Health and Village Improvement was asked to bring in a report on this work at the February meeting. The School Building program is apparently not yet definitely decided but our School Committee is watching developments. The Committee on Zoning distributed copies of the Zoning regulations for this area. Copies of these regulations are being sent members under separate cover. This Committee also reported that the amp for this area is as yet not finished but that the commercial areas will be one of the least possible size and that all of the rest of the area will be zoned Residential "A". The meeting adjourned, John T. Bancroft, Sect.-Treas.

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Report of the Meeting of the Comunity Council of the Sandy Spring Neighborhood Held May 30, 1941 The meeting was called to order by the President. The Secretary read the minutes of the Annual Meeting which were approved with the additon of the fact that Mrs. R.L. Barnes had been elected a member at large for two years, taking the place of Thomas Hyde IV who resigned last February.

The President then had the Secretary read the following Standing Committee for the following years Utilities Douglas Farquhar C.B.Graham Stanley Stabler Robert Moore Legislation C.B. Hurrey F.W. MacReynolds Ellis Manning R.W. Crum Finance Health & Village Mrs. S.C. Beebe H.T. Hallowell Mrs. A. Stabler Improvement W.W. Moore School A.A. LaMar C.B. Graham Mr. Slade Mrs.Robert Barnes Richard Janney Roads R.H. Miller, Jr. J.W.Jones Albert Stabler Robert Chichester Zoning F.W. MacReynolds C.B. Hurrey Wm. J. Thomas Milton Bancroft Mr. Clarke Slade

Most of the meeting was given over to descripton of the meeting held Thursday May 22, 1941 for the discussion of the new Zoning regulations. Apparently this meeting settled little although it was lengthy.

It was decided that the next regular meeting would be devoted to a discussion of the recent report of the Brookings Institute. It is hoped meetings called for by our new Constitution and by Laws.

The matter of training School Patrols was discussed and while it was thought that they had greatly improved it was thought that the School Patrols in the city handled their problems in a more efficeient manner.

The School Committee was asked to look into the suggested fence between the Atheltic Field and the highway. Decide on the type of fence required and its probable cost. This data to be presented to the School Board in the hope that the fence will be erected before school reopens in September.

The Treasurer wishes to draw the attention of all the affliliated organizations that the dues for the current year are now payable. These dues will [bedues will] be, as last year, five dollars ($5.00) for each organaztion. It is hoped that the notice will be, as in the past, considered as the presentation of a bill to each of the organizations.

According to his records two of the organizatons failed to pay their making this organization function properly and suggested that each Committee have at least one meeting each month in order to see if there might be something of importance to be brought before the regular meeting of the Council.

The meetiing adjourned, John T. Bancroft, Sect.-Treas.

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Report of the Meeting of the Community Council of the Sandy Spring Neighborhood Held June 27, 1941

The meeting was called to order by the President. The Secretary read the minutes of the May Meeting which were approved.

As this was our one open meeting, the floor was given to Mr. Merrian, the speaker of the evening. He spoke briefly and rather sketchly on the finds of the Brookings Institute.

In general this Insitution recommends a form of Council Manager Form of government for the County. The Council to act as an advisory Board or policy forming body and the manager to administer the affairs of the county.

He particularly stressed the need of getting the subordinate positions in the School Administration out of politics for the most efficient handling of the school properties.

He explained the various authorities, National State and County who had jurisdiction over various activities in the county.

Apparently the ideal county Government should do away with Partisan Politics and every job should be filled by the person best qualified to administer its duties.

It is suggested that the county manager be selected or appointed by the County Council from a list of eligible candidates selected by Montgomery County Civic Service Commission.

In the recommended scheme the county purchasing would be done by the County Manager and the expansion of personell would be regulate by the Budget the County Council of the Montgomery County Civil Service Commission.

Our Committee on health and sanitation reported that the unsatisfactory conditions in Sandy Spring Village are being investigated by the County Board of health and that a pile of empty cans that have been an eyesore will be removed in the near future.

Mr. Ross Hurrey was added to the Utilities Committee and R. W. Crum was changed from the Legislative Committee to the Roads Committee

The meeting adjourned, John T. Bancroft, Sect.-Treas.

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Report of the Meeting of the Community Council of the Sandy Spring Neighborhood Held July 25, 1941 In the absence of both the President and Vice President Wm. W. Moore presided.

The Secretary read the minutes of the June meeting which were approved.

The Committees on Health and Sanitation reported on the questioned sanitary arrangements in Sandy Springs village. The Secretary was instructed to write Dr.Ellicott to see if he can correct this condition.

The Committee also reported that the prenatal clinic at the hospital had been well attended. It also reported that a free eye clinic would be held in Ro kville for this section if the cost of glasses would be underwritten by some organization or individual. It is estimated that there are ten or twelve children in this neighborhood who need glasses and that the cost will be $4.50 for each.

The School Committee reported that in its opinion the cost of a fence between the athletic field and the road is prohibitive at this time.

A.A. LaMar reported that Charles Francis is the annual member from the P.T.A. this year.

C.W.Slade was named chairman of the School Committee.

Mr. C,B, Hurrey asked that the Zoning Committee be asked to study the increased number of roadside signs recently erected and see if something can be done to curb this unsightly development in this area.

Mr. Graham reported on the activities of the Montgomery County Civic Federation. Some recommendations of the Brookings Institute are being advocated by this organization. The meeting adjourned, John T. Bancroft, Sect.-Treas.

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Report of thr Meeting of the Community Council of the Sandy Spring Held Sept. 26, 1941 The meeting was called to order by the President, ten members being present.

The Utilities reported that in its opinion there was not much to be done at the moment that would be useful in getting permission to use the propsed lake between Green's Bridge and Trisdelphia for fishing and bo ating. This committee was however requested to get in touch with the Suburban Sanitary Commisson and get a definite answer to this question.

Because of the delay in getting the report of the fire at Clarksville on Sunday Sept. [Sept.] 26st, in to the Fire house here it was suggested that a direct line be installed between Ellicott City and Sandy Spring. This might not only do away with such delays but might also be a vital link in the National Defense. Mr. Graham said that such a line was already being mentioned by the Telephone Company.

The Secretary read letters from Mr. Slade and Mr. Davis regarding the fence between the highway and the Athletic Field at Sherwood School. Mr. Slade was requested to get in touch with Mr. Metzger on this matter.

There was no report as to the accidents at the Ashton corner as R. H. Miller, Jr. who was to have made this Survey was absent This report was requested for the October meeting of the Council.

The Zoning committee reported that all activities of the Washington Suburban Park and Planning Commission were practically at a standstill pending the appointment of an engineer for that organization. This position has been vacant since the resignation of Mr. Root.

The President brought up again the advisabilty of having active committees. It was suggested and apparently met with the approbation of the meeting that members instead of committee be charged with carrying out the various projects.

Mr. Barnes was asked to see about the promised caution signs for Sherwood School

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