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Report of the Meeting
of the
Comunity Council of the Sandy Spring Neighborhood
Held May 30, 1941
The meeting was called to order by the President.
The Secretary read the minutes of the Annual Meeting which were
approved with the additon of the fact that Mrs. R.L. Barnes had
been elected a member at large for two years, taking the place of
Thomas Hyde IV who resigned last February.

The President then had the Secretary read the following Standing
Committee for the following years
Utilities Douglas Farquhar C.B.Graham Stanley Stabler
Robert Moore
Legislation C.B. Hurrey F.W. MacReynolds Ellis Manning
R.W. Crum
Health & Village Mrs. S.C. Beebe H.T. Hallowell Mrs. A. Stabler
Improvement W.W. Moore
School A.A. LaMar C.B. Graham Mr. Slade
Mrs.Robert Barnes Richard Janney
Roads R.H. Miller, Jr. J.W.Jones Albert Stabler
Robert Chichester
Zoning F.W. MacReynolds C.B. Hurrey Wm. J. Thomas
Milton Bancroft Mr. Clarke Slade

Most of the meeting was given over to descripton of the meeting
held Thursday May 22, 1941 for the discussion of the new Zoning regulations.
Apparently this meeting settled little although it was lengthy.

It was decided that the next regular meeting would be devoted to a
discussion of the recent report of the Brookings Institute. It is hoped
meetings called for by our new Constitution and by Laws.

The matter of training School Patrols was discussed and while it
was thought that they had greatly improved it was thought that the School
Patrols in the city handled their problems in a more efficeient manner.

The School Committee was asked to look into the suggested fence
between the Atheltic Field and the highway. Decide on the type of fence
required and its probable cost. This data to be presented to the
School Board in the hope that the fence will be erected before school
reopens in September.

The Treasurer wishes to draw the attention of all the affliliated
organizations that the dues for the current year are now payable. These
dues will [bedues will] be, as last year, five dollars ($5.00) for each
organaztion. It is hoped that the notice will be, as in the past, considered as the presentation of a bill to each of the organizations.

According to his records two of the organizatons failed to pay their
making this organization function properly and suggested that each Committee
have at least one meeting each month in order to see if there
might be something of importance to be brought before the regular meeting
of the Council.

The meetiing adjourned,
John T. Bancroft, Sect.-Treas.

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