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Report of the Meeting
of the
Community Council of the Sandy Spring Neighborhood
Held July 25, 1941
In the absence of both the President and Vice President Wm. W.
Moore presided.

The Secretary read the minutes of the June meeting which were

The Committees on Health and Sanitation reported on the questioned
sanitary arrangements in Sandy Springs village. The Secretary was
instructed to write Dr.Ellicott to see if he can correct this condition.

The Committee also reported that the prenatal clinic at the hospital
had been well attended. It also reported that a free eye clinic
would be held in Ro kville for this section if the cost of glasses
would be underwritten by some organization or individual. It is estimated
that there are ten or twelve children in this neighborhood who
need glasses and that the cost will be $4.50 for each.

The School Committee reported that in its opinion the cost of a
fence between the athletic field and the road is prohibitive at this

A.A. LaMar reported that Charles Francis is the annual member
from the P.T.A. this year.

C.W.Slade was named chairman of the School Committee.

Mr. C,B, Hurrey asked that the Zoning Committee be asked to
study the increased number of roadside signs recently erected and see
if something can be done to curb this unsightly development in this

Mr. Graham reported on the activities of the Montgomery County
Civic Federation. Some recommendations of the Brookings Institute
are being advocated by this organization.
The meeting adjourned,
John T. Bancroft, Sect.-Treas.

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