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Report of the Meeting of the Community Council of the Sandy Spring Neighbordhood Held November 28, 1941 In the absence of the President and Secretary, the Vice President, Mr. Miller presided and Mrs. Barnes acted as Secretary, Thre were sixteen members present.

The minutes of the October meeting were read and approved with the one correction that Miss Trone reported the extension of diptheria toxoid injections rather than schick tests.

There was no further report concerning Mr. Goettings proposed bus route.

Mr. Slade of the School Committee reported a letter from the School Board stating that it was impossible to put up a fence between the athletic field and the highway because the same situation existed in other schools in the county and fences would have to put up for them all. There was a suggeston from the floor that a forty-eight inch medium weight stock fence, the materials for which would not cost over $50.00, be put up and the funds collected from the P. T. A. and other neighborhood organizations. The School Committee was instructed to act on this suggestion after finding the cost of the materials.

Mrs. Beebe of the Village Improvement Committee read Dr. Stetzel's report on the stabbing Ocober 26th at the Olney Theatre. She also stated that there was no permit for the present building going on. A motion was unanimously carried that a special committee be appointed to take whatever steps are necessary to prevant a granting of a building permit to the Olney Theatre property unless strickly in accordance with the zoning regulations. The chair appointed Mr. Hurrey and Mr. Farquhar.

A compaint was brought in concerning the recent dumping of cans and unburned trash just east of the Ashton store. This was referred to the Village Improvement Committee.

Mr. Miller of the Roads and Commuications Committee read a letter from the State Roads regarding certain improvements to be made at the Ashton curve. These did not include banking the curve.

Some improvement has been reported on the Ellicott City telephone line.

Miss Trone of the Health and SanitationCommittee reported that 57% of the 121 children examined in the Sherwood Elementary School need early or immediate attention. Only 25.6% are in the Demonstration area. In the Junior and Senior High School 112 children were examined, 19% had early or immediate defects and 10.7% live in the Demonstration area. The meeting adjourned, Catherine Barnes Secretary pro-tem

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