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178 1866 H/11/1887 -4-
for the year. The name of Charles and
Lizzie Iddings were proposed, & met with
hearty approval - they were therefore considered
members. Roger B. Farquhar,
altho' a bachlelor, and being by himself
extended the hospitality of Rock Spring
to the Society, in April. At this meeting,
the question arose, how we would regulate
our membership, in the future; we decided
that when a name was sent in, - to vote
upon it by secret ballot, three black balls
(or beans?) - rejecting. Charles & Lizzie Iddings
held their first meeting at Riverside June 6th
and we met, for the first time at Hermon
the new home of Dr. W. E & M. B. Magruder

Sept 29. Alban & Rachel Gilpin
gave us their first welcome at Avalon.
It was decided, after this year, that the
Horticultural would take its rounds, in
alphabetical order. We closed our season
with a very fine Exhibition: complimentary
premiums offered.

The meetings were all held, this year -
the events were, the admission of Mary M.
Miller and the resignation of Charles
& Anna Brooke. Oct. 10th we met at
"Alloway," the home of our new member.
Our host at "Rock Spring, no longer "a
hermit sighed" - for woman smiled, and
on the 20th of November 1867 Roger B

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