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H/11/1887 -5- 179
Farquhar and Annie S. Miller were married.

Sept 14th A Satisfactory Exhibition was
held, and we decorated our room, with our
first: With Charity for all: With malis toward none."

Meetings held with interest, all through the
summer season, but our Exhibition was given
up, in form of the County Fair at Rockville,
and we promised to "lend a helping hand"
to make that a success.

We began the years with some improvement.
We received Anna L. Moore as a
member, and met at Norwood July 31st
Robert R. Moore was invited to attend our
meetings with Anna. It was decided
this spring, to elect both officers for the year,
and to call the Fore-man, "President."
M. B. Magruder acted as Sec. for four years
and resigned. Henry C. Hallowell was elected
President and E. S. Iddings Sec. And they
have served our Society most faithfully
for 20 years. The Horticultural Exhiibition
resumed. H. C. Hallowell thinks that the
more people have to do, the more they can do,
and the Rockville Fair will not suffer, as
we can assist both. Our Motto:
"The True, The Beautiful, and The Good."

No meeting omitted, but the Exhibition given out.

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