Club Minutes: Horticultural Society, 1880-1891


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Page 16

H/5/1881 -3-

in either case mulch the ground with straw

4 How keep plants in hot beds from being burned by the sun? Put oiled cotton over the sash without any glsss

5 Mr Roger Farquhar brought samples of his garden soil, how can he raise vegetables? Take another piece of ground and plant a great many seeds

6 Is it too late to trim back a willow tree? It is not

7 What to do with ant hills in a lawn? Question put around with the following result. 14 dont know 1 advises lime, 1 lime and salt & 1 slug poison, others say Borax and ashes.

8 What to do with a ploughed up asparagus bed? Let it alone

9 How satisfactory would sod be to keep flower beds in place? Sod needs constant care as it works into the bed; Advised to try one with boards and another with sod.

10 Are Burbank potatoes good for eat -ing? Yes

11 Would it do to work a 4 yr. old standard pear orchard? It will blight less if not worked. The ground should be very rich

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Page 17

H/5/1881 -4.

We then adjourned to the piazza when we found, from Olney asparagus tomato & cabbage plants & Lettuce & peas 7 inches high

Longwood radishes lettuce pansies and tomato plant 21 inches

Rockland tomato plant 20 inches

Avalon Flowers, beans 3 in. peas 3 in.

Kate Janny Pansies, onions, lettuce, and peas 6 inches

Sharon Flowers, tomatoe plants 15 in

Springdale beets beans corn 4 in. peas 10

Mrs. Dr. Idding Lettuce heads

Mrs. Thomas Lea Lettuce heads

Alloway Flowers, and Chrysanthe -mums for distribution

and from Ulerey several varieties of corn for distribution.

From the Piazza we went to the garden, found that in perfect order, then to the flower garden and we (some of us) think we would gladly be turned into Narcissi if we could have such a lovely place to grow in.

Adjourned after an exceeding -ly pleasant meeting to meet at Fulford June 7th

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Page 18

Page 18

H/6/1881 -1Fulford June 7th 1881

Room temperature 91°

The Horticultural called to order, every family, except Riverside, being rep -resented and many guests present, the names of the latter were, Mrs Janney and son, Mrs. Moore of Richmond, T. J. Lea & wife, Samuel Bond Mrs. Uriah Kirk, Miss Mamie Smith, Mrs. Tyson & daughters, Mrs. & Miss Bentley, Martha Lea, Dora Iddings, Claudine Brooks, Mrs. Darlington, Miss Anna Schofield and Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Farguhar.

The call for poultry answered as follows Brooke Grove 40 chickens 18 goslings Falling Green 150 chickens 20 Turkies Olney 40 chickens Rock Spring 75 chickens Avalon 78 chickens 9 Turkies Rockland 608 chickens 30 ducks Longwood 200 chickens 3 turkies White Hall unknown Fulford 80 chickens Alloway 70 chickens Norwood 150 chickens 14 ducks Hermon 113 chickens Sharon 35 chickens 9 ducks Edgewood 125 chickens Stanmore unknown

The mercury that day stood 91° at noon Charles Farquhar then read an article on violets. Hallie Lea excused on the

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Page 19

H/6/1881 -2-

plea of lack of time. Hannah Stabler and Henry Miller appointed to read at the next Horticultural Questions next in order 1 What is the cause & what the remedy for the death of currant bushes? Cause not known try leaving only 3 stalks of each years growth

2 What to do with Rose bushes that are infested with slugs? Lime, Helebore and Phenyle all advised

3 Are "Sharpless" or "Monarch of the West" Strawberries best? "Sharpless" best for runners and taste, "Monarch of the West" the best bearers.

4 How to propagate peonies? Divide the roots; it partakes greater of the nature of Horseradish.

5 What is the remedy for rust on black -berries? Many answers given, but most said cut out and burn or lime or cut back severely or try sulphur.

6 What to do with grapevines? Answers various, pinch back, let alone, one method explained as follows; Train on a long wire, pinch down to the main stem, which will bear the fruit, it will be very abundant; another ad -vised to cut off at the 2nd joint from bloom or fruit.

7 Is it too late to plant late peas? No. 8 Has anyone tried Incunda Straw

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Page 20

H/6/1881 -3-

berry? A fine berry but very tender. 9 How to get rid of moles and ground mice? Referred to the article on ants.

10 What is the reason for egg-plant dying when the roots are uninjured? nobody knew

11 What is to be done with Striped bug on vines Ashes - air slaked lime and black pep -per very effective, Kerosene and ashes also good.

12 What is the best thing to do with a straw -berry bed planted one month? Cultivate and destroy runners.

13 Is it better to plant an Asparagus bed now or wait until next Spring? plant now.

14. How does it do to plant rose seeds? Too slow

Under the head of new business moved and seconded that Mary L. Moore be appointed assistant Sec. for the ensuing year. We then adjourned to the garden, or rather the gentlemen went there while the ladies exam ined the loaded tables on the pi -azza. We will report the latter first

Hermon, Flowers cabbage plants peas, potatoes size of an egg. beets fit for use, corn 3 1/2 feet high salsi -fy and carrots Rockland strawberries, cherries, lettuce, beets, onions, tomatoes size

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