Club Minutes: Horticultural Society, 1880-1891



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H/6/1881 -4-

of a walnut and flowers

Falling Green, squash, radishes potatoes size of a wallnut, beets fit for use and onions

Stanmore strawberries, cherries, oni -ons tomatoes size of a walnut, peas beets and Roses

Alloway Sharpless strawberries

Sharon Pres. Wilder strawberries peonies and other flowers.

Longwood Strawberries, beets, potatoes, lettuce, radishes, cabbage and string beans

Norwood flowers

Maple Grove string beans in flower

North Fulford a head of lettuce that had lived out all winter.

Kate Janney, rought canteleups in bloom, potatoes size of a hickory nut tomatoes size of Turkey egg, beets cabbage corn in tassel and Pansies

The gentlemen reported the garden in its usual good order. Rea's corn beans and potatoes were in flourishing condition; the first planting of peas not only up, but gone. Our host showed us an interesting experiment he is trying in a new method of raising canteleups & water melons. He had taken sods of grass and placed them in his hot bed and in this sod had plant -ed the seeds; when the plants have

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attained their 3rd leaves he cuts the sods into squares and plants in hills in the open air, by this method he defeats the bugs.

Adjourned after a pleasant and full meeting in spite of the threatening weather, to meet at Alloway July 5th, 1881.

Mary L. Moore Assist Sec.

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Alloway July 5th 1881

Mercury at noon 91°

According to appointment the Horticultural met at Alloway. The number of members present proved most positively that they cared not for heat. As guest we had Patty Stabler, Misses Rebecca and Mary Miller, Mrs. Osburn & daughter, Miss Gill, Misses Mary and Lizzie Smith Sadie Lea Eliza Bentley Mr. John Miller & daughter, Mrs Hal Farquhar, Mrs Reese and daughter Carrie Taylor Mrs. Darlington Miss Nesbit, Mrs. Nesbit, Ben. Miller and Miss Jean Fawcett

Henry Miller not present so continued as reader for next meet ing. Frances Stabler also appointed Hannah Stabler not being present Patty Stabler read in her place "A few plain truths for a few plain people" Also a short article on the "Cooly Creamer". Questions next in order

1 What is the best thing to do with a Lemon tree, bearing small Lemons, that is in a box too small for it? Top trees water and leave alone

2 What is the best time to plant raspberries If planted in the fall they will bear

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11/7/1881 -2-

next Spring but it is risky. better plant in the spring.

3 What to do with a Lemon tree in a flourishing condition, that has only borne one Lemon? Give it a bucket of strong soap suds every week.

4 What to do with rats? Set a mink trap and get good rat cats.

We then adjourned to the garden, which we found in good order; the flower garden was especially beautiful.

The specimen table showed from Rockland potatoes, a ripe tomatoe, squash, and a waiter of flowers

Falling Green squash, beets, beans, onions, potatoes, peas cucumbers & flowers

Hermon squash, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, beans beets, fuchsia & Roses

Riverside flowers

Sharon 3 exhibits of flowers

Avalon flowers, hollyhocks & Raspberries

White Hall flowers

Longwood squash, beets, onions, cucumbers, peas, potatoes, raspberries, & apples

Brooke Grove squash, tomatoes, onions and flowers

Adjourned after an exceedingly pleasant meeting, to meet at Hermon in Aug.

M.L. Moore Ass. Sec

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11/8/1887 -1Hermon Aug 5 1881

Mercury at noon. 86°

Our Society met at the usual hour. Every family was represented several members and our guests were, Mrs & Miss Darlington, Mrs Coleman Mary W. Kirk, Charles F. Kirk Charles Hartshorne and Janie Smith. The specimens were very fine and abundant. From

Longwood, were corn, cymblins, cucumbers okra tomatoes, beans (snap) Lima beans apples, pears, onions, cabbage, beets, potatoes, peppers and flowers. 12 varieties of vegetables.

Rock Spring, cymblins, beets, potatoes, eggplants, beans, cabbages, Lima beans, tomatoes, peppers, corn, 10 varieties.

Olney, corn, tomatoes potatoes, carrots, peppers. 60 on one plant, and flowers

Falling Green, beets, 3 squashes joined a la Siamese and flowers.

Sharon, 4 kinds of apples and flowers.

Avalon, Lima beans, tomatoes and flowers.

Rockland, corn cymblins eggplant cabbage tomatoes, potatoes and flowers.

Fulford, tomatoes, Lima beans, corn 4 kinds of potatoes

White Hall, tomatoes, apples, pears, and flowers.

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