Club Minutes: Horticultural Society, 1880-1891


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Page 41

H/6/1882 -2-

V Has anyone ever destroyed chick weed? Pull up continually, & try the weeding fork recommended by several members.

VI How should a Bouvarida be treated in summer to make it bloom in winter? Cut back & keep in a shady place.

VII How keep Cycleman bulbs? Keep in a flower pot, cover with earth and water once a week.

VIII What causes mildew on roses? Answer not satisfactory

IX How use London Purple? Several have used it to their sorrow

X A remedy wanted for scales on legs of fowls? Kerosene in water recommended

XI What is the best climbing rose for pillar of porch? The Douglas climax 10 votes Woodland Margaret." Gloire de Dijon" Augusta" "Micropylla" Grevilo" Noisette Washington" and others all admirable for the purpose

XII Should a strawberry bed planted early in the spring be allowed to bear the first year? Yes.

Eliza Bentley, who was appointed to inquire how the night blooming Cercus should be managed, reported that a sunny window is a suitable place, & a hot house not requisite.

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Page 42

Page 42

H/6/1882 -3-

Mrs Janney told us how she raised onions. she sows the seed in Sept. thickly, and in the spring thinned them out and planted those pulled up. those left were ready to use early in April and those transplanted came on later.

Margaret Magruder told us that she had been troubled with moths in woolen clothing & tried a remedy mentioned at one of our meetings which proved entirely successful. she took a Kerosene barrel and papered the inside with newspapers & packed the woolens in it. Borax is said to be a sure remedy for roaches.

Poultry Report.

Edgewood 120 chickens Riverside 40 " Norwood 223 " 28 turkies 4 ducks Fulford 17 " Avalon 55 " 10 " Hermon 80 eggs 3 chickens Alloway 110 chickens Longwood 150 " 15 turkies Falling Green 120 " 25 " Rock Spring 100 " 12 " Sharon 146 " Rockland 200 " 20 ducks

In our walk through the garden we found it in good order and the roses in beautiful bloom. A fine ash tree which had been

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Page 43

Page 43

H/6/1882 -4-

struck by lightning had lost the bark from one side, and some limbs were injured, but our Pres. & others saw encouraging signs in the growth of new bark, and think the tree will be good for fifty years to come.

Our specimen tables were loaded as they always are in June but with more than the usual magnificence in roses.

Hermon Peas, onion, beets, radishes 8 in. potato vine 18 in. & a splendid variety of roses.

Olney Radishes, beets nearly ready to use. (mixed flowers) Rockland Onions, peas, leeks, beets, parsnips 6 in. long, carrots the same, asparagus roses and pansies.

Rock Spring Cabbage, Lettuce, cauliflower, radishes strawberries

Longwood Lettuce, peas, carrots, onions, cauliflower beets ready to use, strawberries, roses and pansies

Falling Green Potato large as English Walnut peas ready for use, cymlin vines a foot high

Avalon Strawberries, potato, lettuce, radishes 8 in. carrots 6 in peas 10 in. onions corn 1 foot high, apples roses and poppies

Alloway Lettuce, beets, salsify, peas roses & cacti.

Mrs Janney Potato, tomato, beets, onions, peas ready for use.

Fulford Roses and other flowers

Riverside Mixed flowers

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Page 44

Page 44

H/6/1882 -5.

Norwood Geraniums

Our Pres. called the attention of the Society in an especial manner, to the beautiful roses brought by W. H. Farquhar, and we all feel very much uplifted at the result of our wisdom in the art of rose growing

Adjourned to meet at Olney July 4th 1882

E. S. I. Sec

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Page 45

Page 45

H/7/1882 -1-


July 4th 1882

Noon temperature 61°

Our meeting called to order with most of the houses represented, in spite of the severe storm in the afternoon. our guests were Eliza Bentley, Miss Brooks, Miss Estelle Tyson, Mrs Boothe, Mrs Miles, Mrs Chester, Mrs Dixon. As usual the readers were found missing.

Anna L. Moore & appointed for next time.


I Do Man chal neil roses live out all winter? Eliza Farquhar had one live out two winters and this summer it bloomed well.

II What vine would grow the most rapidly around a bay window? Virginia Creeper and Douglas Climax

III Is it necessary to cut the seed pods from roses. Very

IV When is it time to trim a grafted cherry tree? Trim moderately now.

V Are pansies injurious to rose bushes? No.

VI Should the runners be removed from strawberry plants. Certainly, only leave what you need for yourself or friends

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