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Grandmother and Aunt Polly to Brooke Grove in the
afternoon, I went to Sherwood from there, found Annie
ready to ride out, and I went with her; her birth day;
25 years old; this day eight years ago, she spent with me;
I have never regretted the proceedings of that day; at the least
the most important part, to me; and only regret that there was
ever any occasion for the pledge, taken on that day; And most
earnestly would I entreat all young persons not to indulge
in light reading, lest they too have to give it up for the
same reason that I did, and with some the trial of
abstainance may be as great, but not with many I
think, for I hope not many are as passionately fond
of it as I am, even yet; and I would warn others of
indulging so pernicious a habit.

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Such an interesting and unusual outpouring from Ellen