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A cool raw day: At meeting. Father went to Scholeys after
dinner, then to Uncle Samuels to supper to clean his clock; Kate
here awhile in the afternoon; Sarah Stone came, and helped me quilt; James
came after supper; we got the quilt out: young Dr. Magruder came to see
father whilst he was away.

A cool day; father went to Brooke Grove in the afternoon and mother
to James Brooke's; William Stabler here to supper: William and I at
Harewood awhile after supper.

Cloudy most of the morning: William started early for Baltimore on
his way to Q. M. father started at noon by way of Laurel; Aunt
Lizzie went with him. I called awhile at Sherwood after dinner:
Joe threshing at his place.

A rainy day. Fred Stabler here to supper: he and Joe went
to Brooke Grove to set up; William Stabler came here on his way
from Baltimore; rode father's horse up from Laurel.

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"Q. M." is correct - abbreviation for "Quarterly Meeting".