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a brig in sight _ The captain had
the boat lowerd down to day and
with a couple of sailors rowed
round the Ship to take a paragraph
upon her rigging &c.
Latitude 41.23 Long 49° 9' 30" by obser
of chronometer _ course NE _ another
thick fog closed this day _

4th day 27th

Two ships in sight this morning & another
perfect calm _ The ship almost
motionless except the gentle rolling
from the swell. Let down a
thick 2oz vial with a ground stopper
to the depth of a ball of twine
about 4 inches in diameter _ brought
it up full of water and the stopper apparently
as tight as it could be _
when I touched the stopper it appeared
as if there was a little gush of
the condensed air outwards. —
passed our two Ships — and another
Brig in sight to the NE. A calm
most of the day and tried the
effect of a bate thrown from our [ed. side] of
the Cabin Windows to a small
black fish 4 to 6in long that keeps
about the rudder from whence they

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