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6th day 29th

A fine breeze all night - the sea not so high
but eno motion to induce a few qualms
amongst some of the passengers. The Sailors
employed in shinning ropes – the Carpenter
making ladders — the passengers employed
in playing _ some cards _ some chess
– some the fool — and so we go.

A sail in sight this morning bound
westward — hoisted our signals to the
spanker - which was soon answerd
by her - but owing to the distance could
not make out her number. _ five
sail of one kind or other seen to day
and we have passed three of them
_ This day suppose we are about
halfway across the Atlantic –
The sea rough part of the time and
our gate 10 miles the hour — about
dusk decreased to 7 1/2 _ _

7th day 30th

This evening will make us two
weeks since we left the Western
World — the bale of the voyage
looked upon as only equal to a
mere trifle – passed 2 brigs in
sight this morning – Long 37° 13
Lat 44° 34 – all well on board
except the poor Sea Turtle which

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