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the superintending care of Him who
is the benevolent author of every
comfort and security that man
enjoys – and whose power on
Land and sea is still the same
whether amid the Meridian Sun,
or polar snows – at midnight
or at noonday!– As the psalmist
expresses it – "If I take wings of the
morning and dwell in the uttermost
parts of the sea, even there shall
thy hand lead me and thy right
hand shall hold me."

By dead reckoning our longitude to day
18° 50' but too thick an an to take
the latitude — A Lottery set on foot
to day to while away the time, and
prevent we poor thoughtless mortals
from thinking of something worse (better?
yes —) It was to be divided into 24
tickets of 5 Shillings (or 1.00) each – these
corresponding to the hours of the day
when when we might take the pilot
on board at Point Linas off
Holyhead._ Whoever has the ticket
corresponding with the hour he
comes on board takes the whole
24$ – – I say nay – and they

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