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drew some few outlines of a
[Ship] which I send with this [&]
a few porpoises again this morning
but not near eno to strike with
a harpoon, throwing which thru
a ring of rope yarn in the
water, has been one of the exercises
among some of our athletic men

_ To day while sitting in the
boat writing the forgoing the Captn
proposed letting it down and
rowing round the ship _ which
being carried Nem. Con. _ Himself
Ogden Clark My Self & four Sailors
were soon on the glassy bosom
of the deep, whose long, heavy
swells might almost induce
one to believe was occasion'd by
some agitation below, instead
of on its surface. We went
entirely round - and at the distance
of an hundred yards I was surprised
to see how small the [Gallants]
looki'g Pacific appeared — The
masts look'd tall its true, but
altho She draws 15 1/2 ft water - it
look'd as if the could only be a few
feet two or three below the surface.

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"Nem. Con." == abbreviation of Latin "nemine contradicente", or "no-one contradicting"


remember, "Pacific" is the name the ship in which he was sailing.