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The rise and fall of the swell, while
we were in the boat was excedigly
pleasant - and the nearst I can come
to describing the appearance of the
uneven surface, would be like that
of swinging over alternate hills and
vallies — Sitting on the side of the
boat I discoverd something on
the surface of the water resembling
a seam, and putting down my
hand gathered up a number
of somethings, which appeard
to be the spawn or embryon
of fish — there were several
kinds some detached and separate
from the rest and some strung
together. _ Their appearance was
uniformly the same as to shape, which
was not unlike the diamonds
found in Lake George in the St
Lawrence* _ being composed of a
transparent jelly with five or six
perfect facets and enclosing a
little violet colourd string-like
pulp, which appeard in some
of them like the seat of organic
life — some of them moved
but were generally quiescent.
* {shorthand}

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