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upon noticing the brilliant water
of these little diamond-like animalcules,
(if that term could properly
be applied to objects as large as
bullets of 100 to the lbs. as they
were turned in the hand, I was
led to suspect their motion
might be the occasion of the lumin[al]
appearance of the sea sometimes
seen at night indeed more or less always
at night when it is agitated violently. _
Accordingly we let down a
bucket and drew some of them
up and put in a bottle to try
the experiment of shaking them
in the dark._ This was done but
very little of that appeance to
be observed._ It having now
become so calm that the ship
would not steer, the helm was put
hard-up and tied with a string
when she "turned about and about"
("{shorthand}") and for a while her head
was to the west and we floated
about with the swell, stern
._ This afforded an
opportunity for the busy triflery
to pass away the time by

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