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trying various experiments --
Bucket after bucket for several
hours together, was sent down
upon the Surface of the water
which seemed cover'd with various
substances, and something new
was drawn up at every haul.

_ Sea Nettles _ Shrimps _ transparent
animals of various shapes & forms
being of divers nondescript
kinds _ some of them of the
most curious and beautiful
forms & colours. _ Among the rest
was found under cover of one
of the [sketch of sea nettle - jelly fish] sea nettles, a most
splendid little fish about one
inch in length by 1/2 in in breadth
and a quarter in thickness _ His
gills and that part where the intestines
were lodged being changeable in
colour and possessing the beautiful [{shorthand?}]
of the rainbow .. The other parts with
the fins were nearly transparent. The
course of the back bone and those
branching out from it were as
perceptible as the traces of my
pen on this paper _ the scales
eyes mouth and in fact the

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