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whole fish presented as much beauty
of colour and symetry of form
and make, as I ever saw in a
fish, particularly when examined
with a microscope :- We intended
taking it alive but being unfortunately
placed in a tumbler with
one of the nettles it soon died.

_ Another of the Curiosities
was a little phosphorescent species
of lice (called sea-lice) resembling
the land melipides in form and
motion, but exhibiting colours
the most vivid, and incomparably
the most brilliant of any think
I ever beheld _ and according to
the Shade of light in which they
were viewd the most various and
changeable _ even more so than
that most resplendent of all
terrestrial pictures _ a soap bubble
_ They were about 1/8 wide an 5/16 ths long
_ They seemed to possess the capacity
of shewing this brilliancy of colour
at pleasure _ but without doubt the
reflection of light occasioned the
deception. _ They were some times seen
many feet below the surface
irradiating the fluid that envelopd

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