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The boat having to go on shore [??] sand
some of the passengers went with it - and
at one of the trips I ventured to take
a peep at the rocks - sand - shells &c. &c.
within the neighbourhood of the Fort which
is building on the rock, then within
half a mile of the Pacific.. --

In the evening at the 6 o clock tide we
again weighed anchor, the wind S S E
and passed the "rock" & "red [?]oses"
[...] - The cry of "under quarter 4 --
"and half 5 -- 1/4 less six. Under
half 7 -- By the mark 8 - by the
deep nine &c. on heaving the lead
brought most of us on deck
-- when that ceased, immediate
danger seem'd to be over --
The Pilot left us about nine o clock

7th day morning 8 mo 4th
quite a breese this morning - and
to make half the passengers
sea sick -- pass'd Holyhead about
8 o clock -- Off Bardsey Island the
the "breeze" begining to leave us. --

1st day 8 mo 5th. -- ?

At four o clock passed thru
Tusker light house -- at 8 the

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